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i can't wait.

Welcome to Heck Yeah Lizzie McGuire! We're dedicated to all things Lizzie, both the TV show and the movie. But just that - not the cast, or anything. Just the show and the movie. You can check out FYHD for all things Hilary. And leave us a link if you have a FY for any of the other cast! (:

Run by Aspen and Chelsie.

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Thursday Mar 3 @ 12:00pm
While everyone else was at the water park trading Beanie Babies, I was
slaving away like Igor! And I can prove it. If you touch this button, the
temporal lobe lights up. See, the temporal lobe controls your sense of hearing.
I have great hearing. I know this, because I’m the only one in this class who
hears your lectures. And this one turns on the occipital lobe. The occipital
lobe controls your sense of sight. Because of this lobe, you saw someone else’s
name on my project and gave away my A-plus to Madge the cosmetologist over
David Gordon (Gordo) Wednesday Mar 3 @ 12:00pm
Tuesday Mar 3 @ 12:00pm
Monday Mar 3 @ 12:00pm
There are four Matts in my class...
  • Sam: "I knew we should've named him Dylan."
  • Matt: "There are seven Dylans."
Sunday Mar 3 @ 12:00pm
Saturday Mar 3 @ 12:00pm
If there was some gross abnormality about me that Mr. Pettus hated, you’d tell me, right? Like an infected pimple, or a deformed twin growing out of my shoulder…or a unibrow? David Gordon (Gordo) Friday Mar 3 @ 12:00pm
I still remember exactly how he said this! xD

I still remember exactly how he said this! xD

Thursday Mar 3 @ 12:00pm

daisynoro-deactivated20120729 said: I wan to help run this blog :)

My reasons, I loved lizzie mcguire throughout my childhooD:DD:D

Is this offer still good? :D

Wednesday Mar 3 @ 11:42pm

annikarilper said: you don't even know how much I LOVE YOU Now! *O* You've got my memories in a tumblr :') .xx

Thank you so much! This made me smile. :)

Sorry for the lack of posts. I’ve been so busy with schoolwork and personal matters that I’ve completely neglected this blog!

I’ll try and find more things to Queue ASAP!



Wednesday Mar 3 @ 11:41pm
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